A Dispensary You Can Trust

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Your Neighborhood Connection

For Sacramento by Sacramento, we’re lifelong locals who support our community. Because everyone deserves a breathtaking dispensary experience. That’s why we brought cannabis to the Mainstage, creating an immersive safe space focused on quality. Everything is carefully curated—from our interior design and branding, to the products we offer, we believe shopping for cannabis should feel as wonderful as using it.

As the city’s only experience-driven boutique cannabis retailer, we strive to make every visit feel like a departure from the everyday. Our expert cannabis consultants are more than your basic budtenders: they’re dedicated gurus who genuinely care about you and your needs.

Consider us your supporting cast.

Our Good Neighbor Promise

Whether you’re new to cannabis or have been enjoying it for years, our mission is to create a thoughtful, boutique environment for anyone with high standards. With an emphasis on education and community, we value choice goods and a choice experience for our customers above all else.